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Eric Sundberg

BIO: In 1969 at the age of 15 Eric left home and got a lower east side NYC apartment. He worked on the docks unloading railcars on barges from NJ. At 16 he married a Virginia girl and moved to Richmond. He promptly staring his career in electronics working as an electronic technician for General Electric, Union Camp and Mollen's Auto Audio. Mollen's got him started in automobile electronics.

In 1978 with a business partner he started Southern Autotronics which grew to 160 employees at 8 locations. He split with his partner in 1994 and started Navtronix a GPS firm installing for Hertz. He found his real niche when he established Southern Electronics, a nationwide web based automobile electronics repair company which is still thriving today.

Art Career, When Eric was 14 his brother, Alan ( inspired Eric at to create him to create his first sculpture in marble. However, life demands took over and he created only a few more pieces over the years.

In 2024 he sold his business and with a big nudge from Stan Maupin begun to pursue his passion for sculpture and creation as the primary pursuit of his retirement. 

Community Efforts: In 2014 Eric founded, a 501-C3 focused on STEM education program for RVA's underserved children.

He is also a ham radio enthusiast (KA4T) and a licensed pilot.

CATALYST is his first show.

Eric likes working in stone, Here is a work in progress: a 6-Ton boulder
split to make a flintstone picnic table. 
Lighting is an important part of his sculpture. 
Inside studio
A "Flintstones" Bench and Stairs  
At  work on a stone sculpture.
Outdoor studio 
Work in progress
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